检索词: , 检索到: 2,014,361 条结果, 检索时间: 0001 秒, 排序选项. 书目查询提示 读者可以在此查询本馆的图书、期刊、古籍、多媒体等信息。检索 方式可以多个条件组配,并可实现区域图书馆群各分馆的书目联合检索. Libraryworld opac program enter the library name a password might required. Opac libraryworld online patron access (opac) allows easy and quick searching of libraries that are hosted by libraryworld.

由于此网站的设置,我们无法提供该页面的具体描述. Opac原意是“开放的公共查询目录”(open public access catalogue),20世纪70年代初发端于美国大学和公共图书馆,随着技术的发展而演化为“联机公共查询目录”(on-line. Define opac opac synonyms, opac pronunciation, opac translation, english dictionary definition of opac opac translations english: opac abbr of. Cadlis门户 学术搜索引擎(e读) 地区中心联合目录opac 省中心联合目录opac 常见问题 | 咨询馆员 | 联系我们. 成都市公共图书馆联合书目检索.

读者登录说明 请使用读者证号和姓名 登陆我的图书馆,如果不能登陆请咨询工作人员. 16 definitions of opac meaning of opac what does opac stand for opac abbreviation define opac at acronymfindercom. An online public access catalog (often abbreviated as opac or simply library catalog) is an online database of materials held by a library or group of libraries.

  • 1 读者可在此查询多个图书馆收藏的图书、期刊、电子书、音像资料、特色资源等。读者可选择适当的检索途径,也可同时限定多个条件,缩小查询范围.
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  • Looking for online definition of opac or what opac stands for opac is listed in the world's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and.
  • Opacs is an independent, privately-owned arizona company we supply our customers with everything they need to run their offices 30,000 different items are available.
  • Office skills testing software by opac is a validated skill and ability testing and certification program with clerical, software and microsoft office testing.

刊名 issn 出版社 出版年 1 macromolecular reviews john wiley & sons [etc], 1967-1981 2 ema :: elektrische maschine / huthig und pflaum, c1921- 3. 如果需要进行多字段的组配检索或做更多的限定,请进入高级检索. An opac online public access catalog is an online bibliography of a library collection that is available to the public opacs developed as standalone onl. 1 请输入适当的查询年份。 2 输入分类号可查询某一类图书的出借排名情况。 3 最多可返回200条符合限定条件下的结果。 4 查询结果显示排名、出借次数.

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